Yuletide on Brú

Make your Yuletide Merry and Gay

Come celebrate the jolliest, gayest and most wonderful time of the year at Brú Country Estate. From December 18th to January 1st our estate lights up in full Icelandic Christmas style. From baking all types of goodies, to building snow people, from the craft corner, to the story time around the bonfire, activities will be abounding. And of course all the fooood! Christmas themed buffet dinners are in session!! Make sure to check our packages and come see what lands in your shoe.

18th to 22nd – 26th to 29th December

  • Gingerbread frosting , making kleina, Laufabrauð or baking cookies.
  • Craft Corner – make your Yule dream accessories come to life
  • Puzzle Corner
  • Snowy outside activities
  • Icelandic Christmas story time
  • Bonfires
  • Hot chocolate and Hot Wine

Day 8.900.- kr.
Day + Dinner 14.900.- kr.

Thorlak’s Mass – Dec. 23d.

  • Skate tasting for lunch , shark and Brennivín – for the brave.
  • Seafood themed dinner buffet
  • Decorating tree evening + yule glögg
  • Storytell afternoon
  • Put your shoe out for Candlesnacher. Have you really been good?

Thorlak’s Mass full day package with dinner buffet 19.900.-kr.

The 24th.

  • Theme breakfast
  • Making the traditional flatbread
  • Ris a la mande for lunch (only for package guests)
  • Join food prep
  • 17:30 Pre drink
  • 18:00 sharp – the bells ring in Christmas
  • 18:01 Christmas dinner – family style – all inclusive
  • Dance and sing around the Yule tree
  • Presents
  • Yule story time.

Full day package with present 34.900.-
Just dinner 24.900.- kr. Needs booking.

Christmas Day – Dec. 25th.

  • Yule Brunch
  • Traditional Games Outside
  • Board Game Night

Christmas Day FULL DAY package , 24.900.- kr.

Just dinner 18.900.- kr.

Needs advance booking.


All meals and activities included 69.900.- kr.

With accommodation, double/twin room, 139.000.- kr per person.

30th – The Witches’ Last Meeting of The Year

  • Channelling the power of the Earth – Movement Class
  • You Can Put Your Hat On – Hat Craft
  • Spells and Potions Dinner – Themed Dinner
  • Count your blessings and make a wish
  • BURN IT ALL! – Bonfire

Magic FULL DAY package with meals, drinks, magic… 27.900.- kr.

Dinner only , 21.900.- kr

New Year’s Eve – Bye Gurl Bye!

  • Calm before the storm – Outside Activities
  • Grateful That It’s Over Dinner
  • Bring It On 2024 – Barn Party
  • New Year’s Comedy TV show and bonfire

New Years’ Party, only sold as a FULL DAY all inclusive package (no dinner only option). Leftover brunch is in package.

Price 59.900.- kr. per person.

Jan. 1st – May the Odds

Be In Your Favour, Hun!

  • Brunch It Up
  • Movie Night w/ Pizza



Three night ALL IN package with meals and activities, 74.900.- kr. With accommodation , double/twin, 169.000.- kr. per: person.

Make your Yuletide Merry and Gay